A Husband's Guide to : Crestfallen

Crestfallen synonyms : depressed, dejected, despondent

I am crestfallen due to the election.  I am crestfallen due to the President being re-elected.  I am fundamentally concerned about the direction of this country.

I normally like to keep this blog focused on marriage but to be honest I am upset about the election so I am going to vent and I promise to return to regularly scheduled topics next post.

I have been struggling with a post for several months now.  The post was on my opinions regarding taxes, specifically, how I feel the country is looking towards those people who do well to contribute more.  It is a very hard post for me to write because is centers around how both my wife and I got to where we are now financially.  My wife went to school for over 2 years to be a CRNA and during her time focusing on school I focused on my career.  During that time we both made HUGE sacrifices, sacrifices that hurt our marriage by driving a wedge between us.  We are still recovering from that time, but the benefit is that we now make enough money to realize some dreams.  But now with the current political climate, the one benefit that we achieved is at risk.  The problem with a post like that is most people will read it and feel like I am complaining about a situation that most people would love to be in.  The majority of Americans it seems, would look at me and say, "how dare you complain, you make more than most people, of course you should give more back to the country!"  However, I feel like my wife and I made good decisions and sacrificed many things to get where we are today and the idea that we should give a higher percentage of our income to the government because we are successful makes me so angry.

I do not think the President is a Muslim.  I do not think the President is not a US Citizen.  I do not think the President is the anti-christ.  But I do think the President is wrong on domestic issues.  Unemployment increased under President Obama.  Our debt increased under President Obama.  People on welfare increased under President Obama.  All of these facts made me believe that he did not deserve a second term.  But what really scared me was what he said to "Joe the plumber" back in 2008.  He just wanted to "spread the wealth around."  All of that is going to come to fruition in his second term and some of that wealth is coming from me.  I do not mind paying my share of taxes, but I do mind being the target of a smear campaign that ensures my success is a reason to take from me.

I could go on to an exhaustive degree but I will save you, gentle reader from that fate.  Instead I thank you for reading, and I will be praying for the President, hoping that his decisions make this country a better place, hoping that we come out of this rough economy and grow back into the super power I know we can be.


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