Types of Posts

TheHusBlog has three different types of posts right now.

  • 'Guides' come out every Wednesday and they center around a main theme and explore my thoughts, opinions, and experiences about those themes.  They are really what this site is all about.
  • 'Husband Trials' will rotate Wednesdays with the 'Guides' they are more personal posts about things going on in my life.
  • 'Terms of' come out every Saturday and are comprised of lists that I create and comment on.  Usually it is just something I think about and just need to share with my readers.
  • 'Things' will come out on Saturday, (I will rotate between either a 'Terms of' or 'Things' depending on what is striking me)
  • Man vs. Wife : Some observations around the differences between husbands and wives.  Another type of post that I will use for Saturdays in rotation.
  • Random Thoughts : These will come out randomly as the mood strikes.
As the site grows I will be adding different types of posts.  The next one to be added will be Ask TheHusBlog in which I will answer e-mails from readers as a post on this site.  If you have any questions that you would like answered by me(TheHusBlog) then please send them now to TheHusBlog@gmail.com

This site will grow and evolve and I promise to read all emails (and respond to them where appropriate) and comments.  Please feel free to bookmark because I am sure you will want to check back at least every Wednesday and Saturday.  And please follow me on Twitter @TheHusBlog to get up to the minute updates, thoughts, and randomness.


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