Writing Assignment : A Puppet

Hello There Gentle Readers, it's me TheHusBlog.  Of course who else would it be, it is not like I gave my password away to a rich prince in Nigeria...

In any case sometimes I do little writing assignments for myself.  Usually I give myself a word and see if I can work that into something.  A lot of times it allows me to get stuff off of my chest, vent, or it turns into something interesting and whole sharing.  The below is something that I wrote when trying to create a post around the word puppet...

Though this is not my typical fare, I thought it was a worth wild read.  Please enjoy.


If it is good enough for child psychologists then it is good enough for me

I have a puppet, but more on that later...

I both love and hate the news.  On one side I love to be informed, knowing all the things that are going on in the world gives me a sense that I am a participant of important things.  However I also hate the news, mainly because I have become obsessed with the idea that the news is being presented in a way to shape my opinion.  No matter where I turn: I think that fox news is making me a gun toting, muslim hating conservative or msnbc is making me a weak willed, weepy, socialist.  And cnn is just making me want to watch fox news or msnbc.

It seems to me that everyone has an agenda.  The real question is, was the agenda always there or have I just grown up enough to notice.  That thought seems to be a driving force in my life.  Am I, growing aware of some nefarious plot that most people don’t notice, or, am I just growing up and seeing the world for what it actually is?

And while that notion can be enough to keep me awake at night worrying, I really just have one thing to say...




I am not special, I am just a dude, and the fact I have these thoughts probably makes me just like everyone else.  Let’s take a minute.  The world was either completely fucked or totally fine before I got here, and will be either completely fucked or totally fine after I am gone, and the influence that I wield on a global scale could be compared to ant trying to explain to a human the complexities of quantum mechanics...  I have no business trying to solve the world’s problems because, I went to crappy college, I am not old enough to have really lived life and earned the wisdom that comes with it, and finally, because shit dude, I am drunk on a sunday afternoon watching the Mindy Project.  

Having a deep thought with no ability to do anything with it is akin to being a guy with no hands trying to masterbate.  

See, I think the reality is that all of us need to get together and decide collectively, to NOT CHANGE THE WORLD.  Instead we need to change OUR OWN WORLD.  Make your day to day interactions count.  Be nice when you want to be mean.  Understand your job does not define you.  Watch shitty movies.  Changing the world is not something that anyone can do.  It is something that only EVERYONE can do.  But if everyone is trying to change the world individually then nothing gets done and everyone is unfulfilled...  Which is basically like my college dating life.
I think we need to do three things as individuals:

  1. Realize that we are not special and be okay with being average
  2. Understand that everything that happens to us is a simple chance to grow, change, or regress
  3. Act in a way that is nice

In short, just be cool man.

The whole thing is about being happy in your own little microcosm.  And, as is the nature of the human condition, we are prone to do things that fuck it up.  We all think things should be this way or that, but that is just us trying to change the world.  Fuck the world, seriously, it is going to be what it is with or without us.

Child psychologists use dolls to get children to think about things outside themselves or to help them describe a traumatic event that happened to them by displacing the event outside of themselves.  This sometimes works and allows the child to think about an event as happening to someone else instead of them, thus allowing them to be truthful.

Next time you are hurt or angered, use a doll (or puppet) to play that out.  And when you are done, if you think the puppet has a real reason to be upset then you are right.  However, I honestly think that most of us would think the puppet was just being a whiny bitch and should probably just take a nap...

I should never write a children’s book...

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