What's In A Name?

So you know, a 2 year or so hiatus, I wonder what has been going on?  Well long story short, I got divorced.  It seemed hard to write about adventures in marriage when I was in a marriage falling apart and now that I am divorced it would be impossible.

I love writing it and really enjoyed keeping this blog.  I wrestled with just deleting it, but I truly loved some of what I wrote.  I am now wrestling with re-purposing it to capture my new adventures.  But there in lies the rub(I love getting the chance to say that).  My name TheHusBlog, short for the Husband's Blog.  But if I change my name, then I would have to change the domain, then there would be all kinds of hassles.

But what if, instead I just re-purpose my name as well?  What if the Hus in TheHusBlog was no longer short for Husband, but instead was an acronym?

I came up with some options:

Happily Under Stress
Hopeful, Upbeat, Silly
Heartfelt Urban Sickness(They all can't be winners people)
Hear, Understand, Say
Have Unyielding Soul
Hump Under Stairs?

I don't know if I will use any of the above.  Maybe I will come up with others or maybe I will just say screw it and be TheHusBlog without any care as to what my name implies.

As always this blog was a place for me to journal my adventures, the marriage is over, but the adventures are not.  In fact look forward to all kinds of new topics:

  • Dating post divorce (oh that should be interesting)
  • Living in an apartment complex filled with either Divorced People or 20 somethings that really can't afford to live there
  • Telling all your friends about your divorce, a how to guide?
The truth of the matter is this whole experience taught me one thing.  I have amazing friends and family.  While going through the divorce I was surrounded by the most supportive people anyone could ever ask for.  Friends that I had neglected came out of the woodwork to support me.  When I was at my lowest, my friends and family were at their best.  I would be a broken man without them.

I am rambling...  Let me close by saying I am back.  TheHusBlog will be resurrected, I will find a way to respect the past and move to the future.  Who knows I might even use my real name...

Is it Hector?



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