Terms of Endearment

Those cute names that we call each other can sometimes have a special meaning all their own.  I just don't know if I could live with myself if I did not explore some of the more popular ones.


  • Honey - I have to be honest for the most part my wife only uses this when I need to do something.  Remember this pet name is part of the famous object known as the "Honey-Do List."  Which as I child I thought was a guide to buying melons.  Depending on the severity of the request I am about to get my wife elongates the last syllable accordingly so if I hear "Honnnnnnneeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy" then I know I am about to have to do something I don't want to do.
  • Baby - By far the most common, Baby has a tone all it's own.  Baby is cute, easy to say, but can also be used as a command to stop doing something.  Think about it fellas, how many times have you told your friends to hold your beer while you show them something when all of a sudden the front door opens to your wife yelling "Baby!" and you freeze.  Uh-Huh, I thought so.
  • Darling - Pretty much the only time I hear this is when I am at Denny's at 2.00 am ordering something bad for me.  Sidenote if you have never had Covered and Smothered hash browns, order them!
  • Sweetums - This pet name really annoys me.  I feel like the only people who should use "Sweetums" must have last names like VanWalderBurger or Eisenburger(of the Manhattan Eisenburgers), and they should have grown up in a Manor.  It just reeks of Country Club Royalty.
  • Sweetheart - I hear this pet name more with parents referring to their kids so to hears spouses use it makes me hear fiddles in the background, but hey that is just me.
  • Dear - Dear feels like the pet name of choice for passive aggressive fights.  I mean come on, how many times have you heard someone call another dear without have clenched teeth...
These are just a few, if you can think of some not on the list please put them in the comments, I would love to read them.

Just to let my readers know, spell check went nuts on this post...


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