TheHusBlog Debates : Hilary

So I was gone for a while and I did not check the site for the few days I was in AZ for a wedding.  Upon my return I see several comments from Hilary on various postings of mine.  All of them include a signature for an e-cigarette site, that in my opinion is peddling crap.  I commented back on two of the comments then removed them because I felt I was being mean.  So I am left with two options when it comes to Hilary :

  1. Hilary honestly reads the blog and wanted to comment and happened to put an e-cigarette review site in her signature because she genuinely believes in their products and wants to promote them.
  2. Hilary spammed the hell out of my blog because of one mention of e-cigarettes and is only seeking more clicks to her site.
So here is what I am going to do.  Hilary, if you are real reader then I give you the benefit of the doubt, no nasty comments from me will be posted for one week.  I will wait to see if you are a real reader and if you comment back to this then I will let it slide.  However if you are instead a dirty little spam bot then I am going to have some fun!


ps : Anyone else is more than welcome to weigh in as to what I should do.

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