Comments, Shout Outs, and a Fun New Game

Hello Internets!

Yeah I just made internet plural on purpose...  What are you going to do about it?  Nothing!  Yeah that's right I am a digital badass.

Sorry about the above sentences I get a little grandiose when I have been drinking, which for those you playing along with the home game, means I am two drinks ahead.  And I am probably 2 more drinks away from buying Steve Winwood's Greatest Hits on iTunes.  (Loyal readers know what's up).

As you can tell by my the title I have several topics to cover.  First off is comments.  A couple other bloggers sent me emails this week letting me know of comment issues.  It appears that blogger has made it difficult to leave comments and I wanted to change that.  I have altered some settings which should make you able to leave comments now.  I have loosened up the requirements enough that I am betting some bots will be able to leave comments as well, but I assure you I will make the best of it.  (So going to flame my own comments if bot comments start to pop up)

Secondly I want to give shout outs to the kind bloggers who sent me an email letting me know my comments were jacked up.

Andrea at Maybe It's Just Me, which is very funny and insightful, never preachy, and makes you feel at home.

Bailey.m.t at Nerdy Shiny Pointy Things, which is probably the greatest blog title ever.

Thirdly my Fun New Game.  There are several words I use every now and again that often get the weird head turn and a "huh".  So I am going to list these words with two possible definitions.  One is the real definition and the other is a made up one.  Read and see if you can guess which one is right.  And if you want to know the right answer just google it!


  • A store that sells clothing and personal items.
  • Running quickly around your friend Haber, forcing him to pay your dinner bill.
  • Having a condition that causes one to pass gas of an exotic variety, often smelling like the Quix Flower of Eastern Yemen.
  • A chivalrous, but foolish action.
  • A condition of discontent, associated with choosing a profession of ill repute.
  • An assembly or gathering of people.
  • According to or ordered by Cannon Law of the Church.
  • According to or ordered by Cannon Law of the Union of Cannon Fired Circus People.

3 Response to "Comments, Shout Outs, and a Fun New Game"

  1. Andrea says:

    Here does...holding my breath as I attempt to comment in 3, 2, 1...

    Andrea says:

    Woo-hoo and thanks for the shout out!

    Marianne says:

    That Andrea. She always comes in handy. Well done, Andrea!

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