A Husband's Guide to : Redefining Acronyms

First off, I think I spelled acronyms wrong in the title of this blog post but I am blazing through that for two reasons.  One, spelling has never been my strong suit, and two, I have been drinking.

(Think of a good segue here)

So, with the influx of technology, the written word is becoming a hybrid of communication, emotion, and connection.  In the past, the written word could move people to great action, convey the sincerest of condolence, and challenge conventional wisdom.  However with the creation of texting and social media the written word is being thrown around as casually as (insert non-offensive metaphor here).  We, as an online society have chosen brevity over thoughtfulness, and convention over personalization.  We have created terms that almost everyone understands now, like LOL or BRB.  But these things could change on a whim.  What would happen if all the acronyms that we use daily all of sudden meant something else.  Then we as a society would have to *gasp* write out whole words.

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : New Acronyms...

  • LOL used to mean Laugh Out Loud.  But now "Like Otters Loser".  Used to tell people that even though what they said was good, if they do not enjoy otters they will be losers.  
    • JIMMY : And that is when I fell over the keg because I drank too much to do a keg stand.
    • BOBBY : LOL
    • JIMMY : You are right that was dumb, I will be sure to respect Otters in the future, good looking out man.
  • LMAO used to mean Laughing My Ass Off.  But now "Listen Man, Actual Orders".  Used to tell people how serious their plans were.
    • HECTOR : And that is when I found out my 6 year old wasn't actually mine.
    • VICK : LMAO
    • HECTOR : Yeah man, of course I am going respect the court's decision.
  • BRB used to mean Be Right Back.  But now "Bring Rectum Bandages".  Used to tell your friends when you are in a world of hurt.
    • KEN : I am about to bang that German Girl with the huge biceps...  BRB
    • GREG : You know she is a dude right????!!!!!!
    • KEN : Duh.  That is why I said BRB
  • JK used to mean Just Kidding.  But now "Just Killing".  Used to tell your friends when you are engaged in homicide.
    • CATHY : About to deal with that bitch who slept with my boyfriend... JK
    • MISSY : JK?
    • CATHY : There sure is a lot of blood, do you have a mop handy?
    • MISSY : LOL
    • CATHY :  Of course I like otters, what am I a crazy person?
  • YMMV used to mean Your Mileage May Very.  But now "You maybe missed, Vader".
    • STORMTROPPER : The rebels are getting away YMMV.
    • DARTH VADER : ...
    • STORMTROPPER : <gasp> <gurgle> <gasp>

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