A Husband's Guide to : Life's Little Truths

I was having a conversation with the wife today driving to Costco about how unfair life can be.  We were talking about hard times some of our family members were going through and it made me think of all kinds of little truths about life and I did not even come close to understanding in my 20's.

Now that I am older and have grey showing up in my hair right at the temples, seriously I am going to look like that guy from The Sopranos in about 3 more weeks, I felt now was the time to document these little truths for posterity.

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Life's Little Truths
  • With regards to customer service: You are NEVER EVER going to get in touch with the person who caused your problem.  More than likely you will have to deal with someone else.  And while a situation has made you angry, you cannot take it out on the person you are dealing with.
  • With regards to the post office:  The service SUCKS.  You are going to lose packages, not get mail, and NEVER get ahold of someone who can actually help you.  This is just a fact and you should resign yourself to problems.
  • With regards to people: Treat everyone the way you would want your mother treated.  Even if you are angry understand that your perspective is not always the the perspective of others.
  • Life is too short to go cheap on three things:
    • Toilette Paper
    • Booze
    • Sheets
  • With regards to money, remember the three T's
    • Tip well (seriously, waiters only make 2.13 an hour)
    • Tithe (or donate money to charity)
    • Thank you is the most important thing you can say, and remember when thanking someone to make eye contact.

Hope you all are having a great week!


4 Response to "A Husband's Guide to : Life's Little Truths"

  1. I love this post. It's completely true and things we need to focus on.

    "Life is too short to go cheap on three things..."

    Could not agree more with the sentiment or the selection. Good job.

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