Things, Married Drinks

When I used to go to bars, alcoholic drinks had such enticing names, Sex on the Beach, Red Headed Slut, Screaming Orgasm, and Mind Eraser...

After a couple years of marriage those drinks don't really seem to be on the menu anymore.  So I give you a list of Post Married Drinks.  These are the names of drinks if they were made up by married people.

  • "Done using the SCREWDRIVER to fix the screen door"
  • "Sex on the Nice Sheets"
  • "Your Ex-Girlfriend was a Red Headed Whore and you know it"
  • "Quiet Orgasm as to not wake the kids"
  • "You vacuumed the living room without having to be told four times"
  • "Got Enough Sleep to Watch the Sunrise (Tequila wasn't involved)"
  • "I remember why I married you"
So maybe my chances of opening a Bar catering to married people is not going to happen but come on, who doesn't want to order a "Sex on the Nice Sheets"?


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  1. Eve Maria says:

    These are hilarious! I love them.

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