Because Keggers Give Way to Dinner Parties

I know I have been so off schedule it isn't even funny and I will get back to regularly scheduled programming in the coming weeks but unfortunately I have gotten busy with the most random of things.  This week is the wife's Birthday Week.  Yes, I said Birthday Week.  My family does birthday's big so it could not simply be contained in just one day.  In fact my happy ass was up at 7.30am on a Saturday to go get breakfast Tacos for the wifey.  Let birthday week begin.

Tonight we have a romantic dinner scheduled which should be fun.

But I digress.  This post is about the inevitable evolution where everyone loves dinner parties.  Okay, maybe not everyone.  But in our youth to host a party all you had to do was acquire booze, call people, and then drink.  While these were easy and successful affairs age ill affords us the ability to drink with such aplomb.

But you still want to meet up with friends and have conversation.

Which leads us to dinner parties.  Kegs of domestic beer and vodka in plastic bottles gives way to lamb chops served on a bed of potato leak gratin and a sassy red with fine nose.  The topics of conversation evolve as well.  From who is dating whom, to who just had a baby and 401Ks.

Is it the death of youth when one begins to appreciate the finer things in life?


But seriously, who doesn't love a good dinner party.


2 Response to "Because Keggers Give Way to Dinner Parties"

  1. Marianne says:

    As long as I don't have to cook!

    I promise, no cooking for you!

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