A Husband's Guide to : Danger

I usually begin thinking about my Saturday blog post on the drive home from work on Friday.  This friday I found myself thinking about how silly some words sound singular vs. plural based on their common usage and then I found that STDs were the funniest category:

Herpes becomes Herpe (I got a Herpe)
Crabs becomes Crab (I gots a case of Crab, which taken out of context would sound delicious)
Syphilis becomes Syphili (Which sounds like the name of the next generation operating system for Windows.  Windows Syphili, faster than Vista, more powerful that XP)

I have no idea why I found this so funny, nor did I think it would be enough for an entire blog post but you know how I like to share.  So instead of trying to stretch out that concept I am moving on to danger.

(Dramatic Music)

The thought danger occurred to me today while drinking alcohol in my boss's office.  I guess I should first explain how I got there.

During a meeting my boss, myself, and some co-workers where talking about our weekend plans.  Someone mentioned that they just wanted a stiff drink and 12 hours of sleep.  I work in marketing and as such we work long hours.  We all started talking about our favorite "adult beverages" and one person mentioned that Jack Daniel's has a new Honey Bourbon Liquor out.  My boss immediately was excited, she is fan of bourbon.  I offered to make a trip to the "Adult Candy Store" during lunch and acquire Honey Jack Daniels if everyone agreed to have a drink together at the end of the day.  Yeah, that was a real arm twister, let me tell you.

So at the end of the day we all gathered in my Boss's office with styrofoam cups.  As the Honey Bourbon was poured we each took our first tentative sip.  Then another, then another...  Damn it was tasty.  It had a smooth bourbon taste with the sweetness of honey, it was warm going down but after the ice in our cups melted just a little it was perfect.  My boss then mentioned, "this stuff is dangerous."

And she was right.

The Jack Daniels Honey Bourbon had a delicious taste but if you weren't careful you would just drink one glass after another and before you knew it you would be "Tore up from the floor up."  Which then got me to thinking what other dangerous things could be lurking in our lives and because this is a marriage blog... our marriage.

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Dangerous Things

  • Dates : As we get busy in our lives it is easy to over look milestones that should be celebrated.  It starts when you forget your first kiss, of miss an anniversary because of being busy.  Even if you both do it, it still represents danger.  Your relationship should always be top of mind and milestones should be acknowledged and celebrated in whatever way you like.  Maybe it is not a fancy night out for dinner, but it should be honored in some way.
  • Assumptions : As we grow with our partner sometimes we are sure we know how the other will react.  This is always dangerous, especially if you predict it will be fine when it isn't.
  • Taking for Granted : We are all guilty of taking our loved ones for granted.  It is a constant struggle to say thank you and appreciate the little things, especially when you have grown accustomed to them.  The two most powerful words in the world are "Thank you."  They convey an appreciation that can mean the world to someone else.
The danger is looking at your spouse with "old eyes."  Sometimes the best thing to do is treat your spouse like they are new to you.  I don't mean forgetting their name either...  It is about the little moments when you are still surprised by one another.  It is about treating the 15th anniversary with the same excitement as the first.  


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