A Husband's Guide to : Mommy Bloggers

So when I first started to write this blog a friend of mine recommended I do research on other blogs to find out what I thought was good writing and inspiration.  Keep in mind that my wife and I do not have kids yet.  

So I spent weeks scouring the internet looking for good writing to act as both an inspiration and a level set for my own writing and content.  I set about this blog writing for myself, however I also wanted to ensure that what I wrote about was funny, insightful, or at the very least readable.  

Husband blogs are few and far between but I found a few worth following.  But interestingly enough, I found that more often than not I was following "Mommy Blogs."  This struck me as odd because I do not have kids but for some reason the honest, and inherently sarcastic tone that most "Mommy Blogs" have struck a chord with me.  Sure enough I follow some interestingly informative marriage blogs, and hilarious single blogs, but I keep coming back to "Mommy Blogs".

The internet is this amazing thing that allows for people in all sorts of situations to share their own hopes, fears, thoughts, opinions, and musings with the world.  I am a six foot one, gun toting, rum swilling, swear machine that follows a bunch of mommies and I would not have it any other way.

Mommy Bloggers I salute you.  Your content is entertaining and bold, your opinions honest and fair.  I will keep reading as long as you keep writing.


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