A Husband's Guide to : Is Your Marriage a Brand or a Product?

My wife and I went out with my family the other night and my father, brother, and I started to have an interesting conversation around the concept of a brand and product as well as what their life cycles entail.  (I know, I know, dinner with my family sounds incredibly exciting)

We started by talking about how long a brand really stays around.  At first we named really recent companies and brands but soon the conversation lead to stronger brands that have endured the test of time.  Brands like General Motors, NBC, and Clorox.  Then we started thinking about products and how what each brand produced changed over time.  GM's cars have evolved over time, NBC started as a radio company and moved to TV and Clorox has made many different kinds of bleach.

I then started to think about this concept of a brand versus a product and how it relates to a marriage.  You know what there is something I haven't done in a while that I really need to do:

"Tell us your real name?"

No voice in my head, keep it down.

"Just checking."

No, I need to do a...

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Brands Vs. Products

  • A Brand : Encompasses an ideal or concept.  It means more than just a simple utility or item.  A brand has staying power.
  • A Product : Solves only a few problems and is finite in it's application.
  • A Brand : Has an identity and an intrinsic value, when the brand is named it means something.
  • A Product : Has a concrete value associated to it's specific use.
So keeping all this mind how do you think of your marriage?  Do you think of it in terms of Brand or a Product.  Do you and your spouse move through each day trying to accomplish one specific task or do you have something more complex in mind.  Are you just a couple who live together, or do you both have similar values and ideals that when combined create a lasting impression on the world around you?


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