Husband Trials : Why the Hell was my Saturday Post Late?!

When I started this blog three things were key :

  • Posts should be funny/entertaining/informative
  • Posts should be written in a way that is fun to read
  • Posts will occur on a schedule and be ON TIME!
Well I failed on the third criteria this week and I feel I need to offer an explanation.  You see, I take this blog seriously, I do not have a hundred thousand hits each week(well not yet anyway) but those who do visit and read deserve honesty.  This blog is really fun for me to write, I enjoy it, but I know that others enjoy it as well and I hate to leave a reader hanging when they are expecting a post.  I usually have several posts in process each week but lately, my life has been pretty busy and as such I was left without content this week.  I tried to correct it as soon as possible but still missed my deadline.  There are two major things that have happened that caused me to miss my deadline.

  1. My younger brother GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE!!!  The weekend before last I headed out of town to attend my brother's graduation.  It was awesome.  My brother is an amazing person and as he grows up, I am seeing in him some of the same traits I possess and it was incredible to see him graduate.  Graduations are usually a pain in the ass, to be honest.  You face crowds, crappy parking, and fucking air horns (I really don't want to swear here, but seriously, how do they check bags for bottled water and not air horns?).  It was a great achievement for him and I was so glad to be there, in fact I was honored because he graduated with the same degree I have...
  2. As I stated in another Husband Trials post, my wife is in her residency to become a CRNA.  As such she has remote sites that she has to work at for a month at a time.  The month of May she is in a rural site in Colorado.  It has been hard without her around and what makes it harder is that because she is in a rural area her cell phone coverage is spotty at best.  In fact, from May 1st thru May 20th we had maybe 30 minutes worth of phone conversation and the text messages we sent back and forth were often delayed by as much as 5 hours.  During one of our conversation where we had a decent connection we planned a trip for me to visit.  That visit was this past weekend.  I had to fly into Colorado, then rent a car and drive over two hours to get to her, but it was worth it.  To be completely honest all we did was talk.  I have often taken for granted how much a good conversation is needed, but not anymore.  It was a great trip, my wife and I connected in a way that still makes me smile.  There is no cable where she is, and the Internet connection is also spotty at best, so we listened to music, chit chatted, and played cards (I totally won).  It was a great weekend to remember how much I love her and how much our marriage means to me.  
So there you have it.  Those are the reasons my post was late.  They are not excuses, but they are at least an explanation.  I really do appreciate all the emails I receive and I want everyone to know that I do respond to them.  I write this blog for two reasons :
  1. For Me : It helps me sort out my thoughts and process events going on in my life.
  2. For You : I hope others can learn from my lessons and appreciate my experiences.
If you are a husband take a moment and think about all things that you and your wife do together.  Once you do that, then think about what it would be like to do them alone.  Learn from me and appreciate all the little connections you have with your wife and take the time to tell her how much they mean to you.  

I am sorry that I missed a post, even though I back dated it to look like I didn't.  I strive to keep up, I will miss them on occasion but I promise to keep up as best I can.  Thank you for reading, thank you for emailing, please keep doing so.


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