Terms of Grooming

Okay guys, let me set the stage.  Your wife is getting ready for date night and she spends at least an hour locked in the bathroom doing God knows what, while you wait patiently.  She comes out, 15 minutes late and you two head off to your destination.  Now, what is the difference in men getting ready and women.  Well usually for women, hair takes longer, and they have to do makeup so that accounts for more time.  But men what DO YOU DO to get ready for a date night, because other than showering, brushing your teeth and shaving your face, what else could you do...right?  Wrong.  There are some things that men should do, I give you terms of Grooming.

"I need to..."

  • Manscape : You would not appreciate if your wife was really hairy "down there" so why do you think you could get away with it.  Some trimming should be done regularly to make yourself look good, besides trimming down there will make you look bigger anyway.  Another thing often over looked by most men is to trim or shave your arm pit hair.  Think about cuddling for a moment.  You laying on your back and your wife snuggled up to you with your arm around her, well if you do not trim she could have you arm pit hair on her neck, which is gross.  Another added bonus is your deodorant might actually be applied to your skin as opposed to just clumping in your arm pit hair...  Really, they are simple steps.
  • Shape my eyebrows : There is one key to eye brows, "There should be two of them."  Do some up keep to make sure your eye brows accent your eyes, not detract from them.  However a word to wise, be careful with eye brow trimmers and make sure not to trim too close, because they take a LONG time to grow back.
  • Clip the Toenails : Nothing is worse, according to my wife, than being woken up by sharp toe nails digging into your flesh.  Seriously guys, clip them!  If you cannot reach them, either by injury or "growth" then go and get a pedicure.  Keep it dull!
  • Ex foliate :  Dead skin accumulates on your body, the best way to get rid of it, is to shower and scrub your body.  This will make for smooth, touchable skin.  You want that.  If you wife likes touching you, then only good things will follow...
Grooming is something that we men need to do.  It not only helps us look better but reminds us of all things our wives do to look better.  I am sure that I have missed a few, leave a comment and let me know.


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