Terms of Excess

We all do too much of something sometimes.  We do this as individuals but we also do this as couples.  In fact it can be very interesting to watch the types of situations where a couple goes too far.  So I give you... Terms of Excess.

"Last night we..."

  • Drank too much : I have found in most marriages there is one person who is more of a drinker than the other.  This helps facilitate a balancing in drinking, however there are times when the partner who does not drink wants to cut loose, and when that happens the drinker of the relationship can usually match non-drinker and then some.  Usually what is left in the morning is a very, very hung over couple.  But you know what they say, the couple that vomits together, stays together... or something like that.
  • Spent too much : Another yin/yang type situation here.  My wife is more of the saver and I am more of the spender.  Now as I have matured, I have become more saving oriented, but there are still those days when I go out and buy a new White I phone 4 for example.  The danger here lies in the fact when both people want something, usually something the two can enjoy and the spending shield goes down for a little bit.  This can be dangerous, but it is sometimes needed.  Think about spending a large amount of money on a new bed for example, yes it is extravagant, but think of all the fun you will have breaking it in...
  • Had too much fun : This can happen when you both decide to ignore some responsibilities and have fun.  Maybe you head out for a movie and some dinner when you both need to get caught up on housework or regular work.  Yeah, it can suck to be behind the eight-ball with work, but the chance for you and your wife to play hooky is usually worth it.

* Side-note : I am setting this post to show up as posting on Saturday but those of you who follow me regularly will know that this post did not go up on Saturday.  TheHusBlog(love referring to myself in the third person) has had an interesting couple of weeks and I plan on sharing that in a Husband Trials post coming soon.  That being said I am sorry to miss a post day and will try to do that very rarely.


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