Breakfast Tacos FTW

Good Morning faithful and fabulous readers!

I typically write my posts a day or two in advance, however, here I sit, 1 hour before my post deadline...  Writing.

This is mainly due to the fact that we had friends over last night and decided to go out to eat and then have some cocktails...

We started the evening at a local mexican restaurant, my wife and I had eaten there before and weren't very impressed but this time was much better.  From there we headed to a local "watering hole" (aka Bar) for lively conversation and even more lively spirits.  As it turns out Captain Morgan (my favorite Spirit) sent their "Morgenettes" to this place and we got a bunch of free swag.

I placed my free swag next to our new Bonsi Tree in an effort to class up the photo.  It is funny to me that last night, my hat, shot glasses, and neckless seemed awesome and this morning all I can think is : "Really, where am I going to put this crap."

It goes without saying that I am just a wee bit hung over this morning and that would normally be an awful experience, but this morning I remembered there is a taco place within walking distance that has supposedly excellent Breakfast Tacos...

So I went and got some tacos this morning and they were EXCELLENT.  That review could be colored by the rum slowly leaving my pours, but damn they were tasty.

I don't really have a good way to bring this post to a close so I am going to grab another Powerade and perhaps an Alieve and go back to bed.


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