Husband Trials : I have been drinking and I made soup

Today has been a great day.  First off it was a day off from work which was very nice because the past two weeks have been awful, long night, conflict ridden, and problematic days.  I told the wife that today I planned on doing whatever I wanted to do, she looked at me as she always does when I make bold, declarative statements...  Which is usually with her head cocked to the side a bit and look on her face that says : "why are you saying this as if I am going to fight you on it?"

So with my bold statement made I set about my plan for today.  I woke up at 6.30 am, watched a little tv then went back to bed, as I am want to do, and slept another 2 hours.  I awoke at 9.30 full of purpose.  I was going to clean the apartment, do some laundry and make some soup.  Before you say anything I know that seems like a lame day to some but it made me happy.

I looked up some recipes and settled on Italian Wedding Soup which is a personal favorite of mine and made my grocery list.  I live in downtown Dallas so I can walk to a store, which is important because I also decided I was not driving today.

Making a grocery list when you are walking to and from the store is an important task.  You have to plan not only for the weight of the items you are going to purchase, but also for how they will fit in your re-usable grocery bags(I am totally green).  So I had my list with me and went to the store.  It is only a 8 minute walk from my apartment.  I bought my items and headed home.  As I was unpacking I realized I forgot to put chicken broth on my list.  Seriously, the main ingredient of the soup...  I know, I know...

I headed back to the store and bought my broth, then I also bough some items to make chocolate chip cookies.  Got back to the apartment, made the cookies and did some laundry.

My lunch consisted of 4 chocolate chip cookies...  Okay fine 6, 8 chocolate chip cookies(Don't judge me).  They were amazing.  As laundry was winding down I started cooking my soup.  Italian Wedding Soup has meatballs so I had to make the meatballs first.  I did not think about how long it would take to roll out 50+ tiny meatballs but whatever, I had a movie on and was not going to be thwarted.

The soup making was going well so I decided to pour myself a cocktail, because it was a day off after all. It was yummy, so yummy in fact I poured another which is why I am in such a good mood now.  I got a buzz on, made some amazing soup and got a bunch accomplished.  Don't worry I am not at Mandolin Rain Drunk (shout out to Andrea at Maybe It's Just Me) but I will be getting dangerously close soon.

So on to proof of my soup:

Okay I don't know if my iPhone camera does it justice, kind of looks green but I assure you it is not.  The soup tasted amazing, and thank goodness for that because I am going to eating it at least once a day for the next week.  

And now a quick segue:

So I have been asking my wife to do a guest post on my blog for a while now.  I think it would be funny to see her take on being married to me.  She said she did not think anyone would actually want to read that.  So now I need to prove her wrong.  Would you, my gentle, smart, funny, well dressed, attractive, amazing, physically fit, and classy readers do me a favor and put in the comments how much you would like her to do a guest post.  I figure if I can get at least 10 comments asking her to guest post then I have enough to make her do it...  Thank you in advance for your help.

So that about wraps up my post.  I have been drinking while writing and I am pretty sure after I set this to post I am off to download some 80's soft rock hits from iTunes...


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  1. Marianne says:

    The bride needs to write!! Also, LOVE the new look - so much easier to read (written by the girl who desperately needs glasses but refuses to acknowledge she is OLD).

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