Oh yeah, you can totally ask me to guest post for Leap Blog Day

I have been asked by a couple(and by that I mean actually two people, yeah I am popular) people to be a guest poster on their blog for Leap Blog Day.  Just keep in mind, if you ask me, you will get the following questions:

1.)  Can I swear?  I ask because I sometimes do and want to make sure if that is okay.  If you would prefer the content PG I can easily do that to... totally up to you.

2.)  Are there any topics you want me to write about?  I already have a couple ideas but if there is a direction you want me to go or a topic you would like covered I can do that to.

3.)  Are there any topics you would like me to avoid?  I don't typically write about anything controversial but I also want to make sure there is not something you would like me to avoid.

4.)  How many alcoholic beverages is acceptable for me to consume before starting to write (please see below chart)

0-1 Rum and Cokes : Very little spelling/grammar errors but typically only provides a chuckle
2-3 Rum and Cokes : Funnier, but usually contains run sentences, liberal application of commas, and is marginally self-grandizing.  
3-4 Rum and Cokes : Hilarious but hard to follow, often jumps topics with wreck-less abandon, spelling will be questionable at best.
4-5 Rum and Cokes : I will probably use a pun...  And not in a good way
6-7 Rum and Cokes : At this point I usually don't finish writing and wake up in the morning with a search history filled with Tattoo images to help me find the perfect ink for my bicep and at least a 10 dollar charge in my iTunes account for Bruce Hornsby's Greatest Hits or some other 80's Adult Soft Rock hit...  I know, scary right?

Okay with the exception of #4 all the other questions are serious. 

While this does seem a bit off putting, I promise that my guest post will be amazing...  Please keep in mind at the time of this post I have had 2.5 Rum and Cokes and am a bit self grandizing right now.


2 Response to "Oh yeah, you can totally ask me to guest post for Leap Blog Day"

  1. Andrea says:

    4 more drinks 'til Mandolin Rain!

    Okay seriously, Mandolin Rain is my favorite Bruce Hornsby song, or as I call him "BH"

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