Leap Blog Day Guest Post #2 -- Obsolescence

This post comes from Kat over at Evil Genius Think Tank, which is by the by the best blog name ever.  She is a very funny lady who often waxes intellectual over things that most people know nothing about.


It’s a nice $5 word, right?  Much nicer than the actuality behind it.  Sometimes things are just no longer needed.

It happens all around us with a quiet dignity.  Most things die with a whimper rather than a bang. 

But what it means is that, as I get older, I realize there are things that the next generation has no clue about.

Such as:
·         Rotary Dial Phones
·         Getting up to change the channel
·         Recording TV shows on the VCR
·         Rewinding rented movies to avoid the rewind fee when returning them to the store
·         Being excited to get the Sears Catalog in the mail
·         Getting letters from your friends in the mail
·         Hypercolor shirts
·         Not talking to your friends until the next day at school – unless you were lucky enough to have your own phone line
·         Typing papers on a typewriter
·         Purple smudges from copies made on ditto machines
·         How awesome the game Oregon Trail was, even if you did die every time
·         Using an encyclopedia, not Wikipedia
·         Using the library, not a search engine
·         Going to a record store
·         MTV playing music videos
·         Solid Gold dancers
·         Rick Astley being a popular singer
·         Family vacations involving a road trip because flying was too expensive
·         The Brat Pack

I’m sure that instead, they have embraced the digital age.  Can you imagine how different your world view would be if you had grown up with Facebook and Google as part of your everyday life?

I’m now frightened of what an out-of-touch old geezer I will be in the future.

4 Response to "Leap Blog Day Guest Post #2 -- Obsolescence"

  1. Oh, man I used to love the smell of mimeograph ink!

    Marianne says:

    This made me a little sad. And the fact that most people under the age of 25 have no understanding of eye contact. P.S. Purple smudges were the best - they always saved you from having to answer a few questions on the homework assignment.

    Krista says:

    I still get excited about getting the Sears, or Container Store, or JCPenny, or whatever catalog in the mail.

    And now I feel old.

    Kat says:

    I love catalogs too, though I haven't seen a 5-pound weapon like the Sears or Penney's catalog in a long time.

    Purple smudges for the win! I don't remember what the copies smelled like, though. But I'm sure it was good.

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