A Husband's Guide to : Accessorizing Your Attractiveness

Okay guys it is time to get real.  This post is about you.  This post is about how attractive you are.  Maybe I need to think about my lead in a little bit more.  Oh well, no time, let's move on to content.

Guys, you have probably let yourself go.  If you haven't please feel free to stop reading now.  But more than likely you are not in the same shape you were when you met and courted your wife.  I am not saying this to be mean but you and I need to have some tough talk.  You need to take care of yourself as you get older, age, mature.  This is important for two reasons.  Which means it is time for...

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Two Reasons While You Need to Take Care of Yourself

Wait, wait.  Hold on a minute.  There is absolutely no reason to do a TheHusBlog Definition Pause for two things.  Come on, Man, Really?!

Valid point.  So the two reasons are : 1.) To live a longer life.  2.)  To be attractive to the wife.

You were really going to stretch that into TheHusBlog Definition Pause, man you are getting lazy.  

I really need to stop talking, writing to myself, mainly because I can be mean.

In our society there is often talk of the wife letting herself go...  To be honest from what I see from my friends, it is actually the husband who lets himself go.  This has to stop.  I need my husbands out there to take care of themselves and this does not mean you need to crazy and have a spa day or go to the gym for 10 hours a day and just eat raw veggies.  But there are a few really simple things you should be doing to be a good and attractive husband to your wife.

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : The Little Things to Accessorize Your Attractiveness

  • Work out : Yes you should get some physical activity.  That doesn't mean run out, join a gym, hire a personal trainer and go nuts.  Just taking a couple 30 minute walks during the week a brisk pace will help keep you in shape and make you feel better.
  • "Engaged Eating" : This is term I have made up to help correct some bad habits I have.  Engaged Eating means you make a meal about time with you and your spouse.  With the busy lives we all have we can sometimes fly through a meal with our spouse and not really connect.  Engaged Eating has a couple simple rules to combat this trend.  Rule 1 : Order something you do not have to take big bites of and does require a fork and/or knife.  Save the cheeseburgers and ribs for having a meal with your guy friends.  I have, to date, never seen anyone look attractive taking a big old bite of a burger or with a mouth covered in BBQ sauce.  Rule 2 : Talk, Ask, Chew.  Meals get into a really good rhythm when you ask a question, then take a bite and chew while the other person responds.  Eating, especially between couples should be a social affair.  Nothing is more annoying than eating a nice meal out and not actually connecting.  Rule 3 : Slow it down.  It's not like you get the meal for free if you manage to eat it in under 30 seconds.  Take the time to connect throughout the meal and pace yourself.
  • Clip your toenails! : I have several female friends and one of their number one complaints is getting scratched to hell from jagged toe nails.  Men, overall, do not take good care of their feet.  Trim those toes up!  I actually go out and get a pedicure with one of my best guy friends once every two months.  We get a pedicure, then go out and eat some very unhealthy mexican food, it is awesome.  
  • Smell Good : Okay guys, let's get real.  It is important to keep clean and smell good.  That doesn't mean you have to go out and buy expensive cologne, but maybe it is time to change your soap or deodorant choice at least.  If when you get out of the shower your wife does not compliment how good you smell, it might be time to change it up.  
  • Be groomed : If your wife complains that your face is scratchy, then shave more often.  You are far more likely to get kissed if your wife does not suffer from road rash each time she tries to peck your cheek.  And without getting too graphic you also might want to do some man-scaping.  Meaning if you are a little out of control "down there" it might be time to do some trimming.
  • No holes in any clothing! : We all have our favorite ratty old shirt and it will always have its place.  But if you are trying to impress your wife, well maybe you need to dress the part.  You should always dress up a little when going out with your honey.  Pull the plastic off of your work clothes and wear them out on date night.  Jeans are great and all but put a little more effort in and you will reap rewards.
Remember fellas, just cause we got married doesn't mean we can stop trying.  Take some of the tidbits (did I just really use tidbits in a sentence?  I feel like someone is going to show up for my man card), and use them to make yourself more attractive to your spouse.


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