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I read several blogs.  In fact if I show up as a reader of a blog that is my personal endorsement of them rocking.  As I search around for new things to read I often have trouble finding male bloggers in the realm of relationships.  I categorize myself as Marriage Blogger but under the heavy guise of humor.  I try to write things that are funny.  Sometimes I get serious but for the most part I believe that my experiences are hilarious.  I don't really fancy this blog as an advice column, even though that is what is seems to be.  I think all human beings really fumble through life, for the most part, doing the best that they can.

If any of my experiences make you laugh, then score.  If you also learn something, then bonus.  I read several legitimate Marriage Blogs with tons of helpful advice, some of it I can use, some of it I cannot.  I spent a lot of time looking online for "averages."  Meaning things like, average times a couple fights, average times a couple has sex, average time a couple spends together, average time a couple spends apart, etc.  And after a while of driving myself crazy trying to figure out if my marriage was average I decided to start this blog.  It serves not only as a place to vent, but also to journal, organize ideas, and dare I say it grow.

The real secret to any marriage is just figuring out what works for you and your spouse.  Society seems to have gone overboard on the whole self esteem thing.  (I know that last sentence was a shitty segue but go with me on this.)  I am not trying to dog self esteem but I also have a unique prospective.  I am fat.  I do not have a problem with being called over weight, it is simply a fact and in no way, shape or form does that make me have low self esteem.  Now certainly from a health perspective I am trying to lose weight and work out more.  This country has a real problem with obese people and we need to fix that.  It seems society is trying to tip toe around the giant overweight population. Rather we should just call it like we see it.  That is not to say that just because you are overweight that you are not attractive.  I find people who are skinny unattractive myself.  That is not too say that if you are overweight there is something defective about you.  Being overweight is just a small part of the person that you are and you should not only identify with that part of you.

"Ah, TheHusBlog what the hell is going on?  Isn't this post supposed to be about Inspiration?"

Yeah, I know I am getting there.

"Well could you get there faster?  This is getting way too off topic."

So on to my point.  With regards to my weight and my marriage, I only worry about what works for me and my spouse.  I do not feel like a bad person because I am overweight, but I do work on it for health reasons because my wife wants me around for the long haul.  With regards to how many times my wife and I fight, make up, or spend time together, I don't worry about trying to fit into some national average. Instead I try to find what works for us.

And finding what works for us is where much of my inspiration comes from.  Marriage can at times be the easiest thing in the world and at other times feel like the hardest job you will ever have.  All the marriage facts and psychologist opinions in the world won't make you a great husband.  But listening to what your partner is saying and listening to how you are feeling will...


ps : Yeah I know this really isn't a funny post.  But come on, I feel like this post from December more than makes up for the funny missing here.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Hey! I am new here, but was wondering if youwould consuider guest posting for me for the Leap Frog Hop? My decision was set in stone once I saw that you collected Legos!

    Andrea says:

    Oh dear! Please do not be offended by my typos--it is not due a lack of general spelling knowledge, but more a lack of what technology expects from me and when it chooses to autocorrect and when to take a lunch break!

    Hi Andrea, I would of course be honored to guest post for Leap Blog Day. Could you please send me an email at thehusblog@gmail.com so that we can set up the details. Also worry not about the typos, I too have been auto-corrected contrary to my wishes.

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