Leap Blog Day Prep, Moving Update, and Batteries Charging

So I am going to again fore go a standard post to again wax intellectual about random topics again...  Look, I used interesting words and ruined a perfectly good sentence by inserting again three times.  Really don't have a point about that, just wanted to call it out.

I am getting very excited about leap blog day, the guest posters I have lined up will provided truly awesome content which will elevate the intellect of my blog while simultaneously making me look like a hack, I choose to celebrate the former and not the latter.

As I write this I am looking around at my bare office, which only has the most essential of items, the rest packed away in boxes, which makes me think maybe I have too much stuff.  However then I think about my Lego White House which is already covered in newspaper, tucked away in a box labeled "Office, Fragile", that I realize I am truly blessed.  It is not really the objects I have packed away but the memories they conjure.  The White House Lego set was a gift from my brother and each time I looked at it I was reminded of him.  The quartz bookends I packed away reminded me of a time when my wife was in Austin for a rotation and I insisted upon visiting Inner Space Caverns.  We had a great time just going on a stupid cave tour.  Two swords, made by an old friend's deceased father, that she gave me, because she knew her father would appreciate the swords being in the hands of a collector.  A coin jar, made by another friend's mother, which has always been displayed prominently since receiving it.  The items are important to me, but their real value is in the memories and friendships they represent.

When I was packing things away, the only things that mattered, had meaning.  As I worked through closets, rooms, and drawers, meaning was what lead me to keep things.  If it had no meaning it was quickly sorted into the donate or throw away piles.  Several of the bloggers I read are in the habit of recounting things they are thankful for.  As I look around I am thankful for 1 thing...  My life.  It is good, it is full, and while I do not feel I deserve the blessings I have, I will be thankful for them and hope they continue...


PS : I do have batteries charging right now for my electronic cigarettes, which I will blog about another time.  Unfortunately, I named the post before I realized how poignant it was ending on moving story.  But because I have to create order from chaos I felt the need to qualify the last item in the blog name.  Damn my attention to detail...

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  1. Andrea says:

    The red carpet is on order for your arrival at my blog on Wednesday! Love the thoughts on "things"!

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