Off Topic But On Point : Tax Masterz

"Whoa there TheHusBlog, if that is your real name, you haven't done a post like this in a while..."

That is true, haven't really written a post of this type in a while but this just had to be shared.  I was driving around the other day and I noticed a new sign in a local strip center for "Tax Masterz."  No, that is not a typo, they spelled Masterz with a mutha fucking "Z".  I am sorry for cursing but that kind of shit (there I go again) makes me CRAZY!

I am so sick and tired of the casual nature in which we have started to treat our language.  I blame texting, the media, the internet, hell, I blame the education system.  It's one thing to have trouble using there, their, and they're, which is stupid, but it is a whole other thing to spell something wrong on purpose because it is cute, or stands out, or what ever.

--Quick Segue--

For a about a year and half I worked as a traveling salesman for Nestle Candy.  I worked in channel sales which basically meant convenience stores.  My territory was eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, and southern Missouri.  During my time I ran across literally every fucking funny, silly, dumbass way to spell quick.  Kwick, Quik, Kweck, Quic, etc.  All because people wanted their cute little store to stand out.  It made me so mad!  Coming up with an interesting store name does not need to involve miss-spelling.

--End of Kwick Segue--  (See how dumb that looks)

Convenience Stores are one thing, but a tax preparation service.  Really, how would I have any confidence in a tax person who works at a place that doesn't know how to use an 'S'.

I ranted to FriendofTheHusBlogGuy about this and asked him:  "Would you use a tax service called tax masterz with a Z!!"

His response : "Is the receptionist cute?"

My friend is a real jack ass sometimes...


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