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I have a penchant for collecting, it is in my blood, and I tend to go all in on things with little to no planning.  This makes my wife crazy.  I do not blame her for a sense of dread every time I latch on to something new, in fact I pity her a little bit because she will never understand the exhilarating high that comes with starting a collection of something new.  Nor with she ever understand the dizzying low of realizing you just spent a ton of money on something you will never use.  So gentle readers I give you, TheHusBlog's list of collections:

1992 - 1995 : Comic Books - I still have them in three boxes all in protective plastic shields and backing.  One day they could be worth hundreds.
1998 - 2003 : Swords - Yes I collected swords.  The funny thing is that I did not collect functioning swords, instead they were mainly just sharp pieces of crappy metal where the handle and blade could have easily separated, causing serious bodily harm.  (Still have all my fingers)
1997 - 2005 : DVDs - This was a horrible idea.  Instead of renting movies, I would just buy them.  At the time of meeting my wife I had around 700 DVDs.  After several attempts she finally got me to part with them.  I sold them all to Movie Trading Company.  To this date I think my wife counts this as one of her greatest accomplishments.
2011 - 2011 : Legos - I loved legos as kid.  I had a giant tub full of them.  In 2011, they started coming out with Architectural Sets, you know for grown ups.  Well after the first month I had acquired all of the Architecture sets and was jones-ing for something else so I moved on to Star Wars sets (yes I know I am a grown man, but come on, ITS STAR WARS!).  After several months my desk in my office was littered with The White House, Sears Tower, X-Wing Fighters, The Millennium Falcon, etc.  So yeah, lost interest when I could not use my computer on my own desk.
2002 - Current : Firearms - This is the only mature collection I really own.  Not just because they are firearms but also in the way I collect them.  Slowly.  My entire family got into firearms together and often times it is something fun we all go out and do on Saturday afternoon.  You know what they say, the family that shoots together, stays together.  My wife was also a firearms enthusiast, in fact she is a better shot than me.  The price of guns keeps my collection from swelling out of control because I can only afford to buy about one a year.


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  1. Fountain pens and fishing tackle, but being jobless puts a serious crimp in any collecting. I like to watch American Pickers, and often find myself wondering what kind of person collects gas pumps and oil signs. Takes all kinds I guess.

    Whenever I read or hear "Takes all kinds" it reminds me of one of my all time favorite movies "State and Main" But I also wonder who would collect gas pumps as well. I can say that I am glad there are people out there who do, keeps things interesting...

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