A Husband's Guide to : Pride

So the wife and I were leaving an organic grocery store this weekend I thought she was being a little snippy inside the store so I decided to tell her so...

Yeah, you can guess how that ended.

So the wife and I are driving in tense silence back home from the organic grocery store when the radio started playing Ace of Base's "The Sign."  In that moment I realized two things :

1.)  I should have taken a second to really decide if I genuinely thought the wife was being snippy and if I still thought she was, I might have needed to address a better strategy for telling her so.
2.)  It is really hard to stay angry when Ace of Base is playing

This of course got me to thinking about Pride.  We all have pride, it come out in the work we do, the way we treat people, and the live we lead.  But Pride is one of those things that is good and bad...

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : The Good and Bad of Pride

  • Good : Pride in a job well done -- As we do good work we take pride in our accomplishments, could be a project at work, a do it yourself project at home, or even success in a video game (that totally counts).
  • Bad : Treat me with respect -- We all have our pride hurt when someone doesn't treat us the way we want to be treated.  However because we are such subjective creatures it can be hard to really take yourself to an objective mindset to really see if you were mistreated.  Often our pride can conjure invisible slights that cause our chests to puff up for battle over our pride.
  • Good : Pride in our loved ones -- Seeing a spouse, family member, or friend succeed can cause such a swell of pride.  Often we are more proud of the person than they are them self.
  • Bad : Ego -- "Pride cometh before the fall"  We have to be careful to not be too egocentric or too boost-full. It is important to always add a large portion of humility to our endeavors lest we come way too close to the edge of our own conceit.
Pride is good and bad, much like many things in life.  It is important to take a time out from ourselves to really understand what is going on in our relationships.  Remember that the vast majority of problems you perceive are what are often called "First world problems."  Most issues resolve quickly and won't deserve a second thought in day or two.  So in order to help me out with my pride (by far one of my most used sins) I have created a little mantra for myself:

Is this really going to matter in an hour
Is my life really that bad
Am I really so perfect as to be right
Did I remember to turn on the alarm when you left the house

That last bit seems to creep into my thoughts all the time anyway.

So before you get ready to have your feelings hurt in some slight, take a moment, take a deep breath, and decide is something really wrong or is it just pride.


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