Terms of Transition

I know, I know, it has been a really long time since I have posted a "Terms of" post.  Truth of the matter is they require just a little bit of inspiration in just the right way which came during a meeting today with my superiors at work.  Because I work with client service people I am often "handled".  I am a rather outspoken tech guy within my company so odds are if it seems almost impossible I am usually the one who figures out how to do it.  I also have to vigorously defend my staff from ridiculous demands on their time.  If they could be worked 60 hours per week, each week, they would be.  I however try to keep it to a more reasonable 45 - 50 hours.  My client service team has found that if I really dig my heels in I am going to win, so they set about bring me over to their side.  Often times this works if they have a good and decent logical argument.

However client services have certain key phrases they like to use to begin to transition me to their side.  As I began to think about them I also realized they have a certain place in our marriages too.  Often times I might try to "client service" my wife and vice versa.  It is interesting how the things at work can often parallel the things at home.

Terms of Transition(Business) :

  • "Maybe we just address some of their points" : This is a great opener.  It follows the foot in door approach.  If I agree to work on some of the little things now, you will get me to do what you really want me to do down the line when I am already "pot-committed"  (Man, now I really want to play poker)
  • "Try to look at it from their point of view" : Ah yes.  Please put on their shoes, wouldn't you want X task done if you were in their position.  Well shit ya I would, however they won't be doing the weekend work it would take to meet the deadline so I am going to be more concerned with my foot ware if you don't mind.
  • "So you say you don't have the time to complete the task, so what is your solution" :  This is my absolute favorite.  Basically you go to your superior and tell them you cannot get done what they want done.  Then you request help.  Then rather than help they say to you : "Well what is the solution?"  I always think, If I knew the solution I wouldn't have come to you
  • "Can you provide me with a list of what you are working on so that we can help you  re-prioritize" : Okay this is actually my favorite.  It is a way of saying Hey, I know you are busy but I need you to stop getting work done and create a document that contains what you are working on so that I can just tell you to work faster.  
Terms of Transition(Marriage) : 
  • "Well honey, what can you do?"  Loaded question alert.  The spouse usually asks this wanting you best effort.  If you low ball here, you are going to be in trouble.
  • "Try to see it from my point of view"  This vexes(always wanted to use that word) in both business and relationships.  It is a silly statement because of course I see it from your point of view.  You want something done...  DUH!  I am trying to tell you I can't do it.
  • "Well what are you going to do?"  Loaded question alert again.  There is a correct answer, you just have to be able to give it.  Rather than tell you, you have to guess.  It is like a marriage test.  And unfortunately there is no partial credit.
  • "What are you doing that keeps you from doing what I want?"  On this one, there is no right answer.  You are going to lose because the check mate move is to say What is more important than our relationship?  Yeah, I know, you're done.
Personally the parallels between work and home life are funny to me.  Let's face it, work is hard.  If it wasn't hard we wouldn't be getting paid.  Most of the time you have to suck it up and just get it done the best way you can.  Relationships can often fall into the same category.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and get it done there too.  The difference is that work provides you with money.  But your relationship provides you with happiness.  Tell you one thing: marriage pays off way better...


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