Advice From My Old Man Part 2

A continuation of this post   Please feel free to read the first before moving on to part 2 below:

More Advice From My Old Man :
  • Half a Valium and Breath Rite strip will give you the best sleep of your life : My Dad is what one would call an "A-Type" personality.  He probably only sleeps about 6 hours a night but every now and again he calms down.
  • I can't wait to get bored : Another thing about my Dad is that he always keeps himself busy.  Whether it is work, errands, or watching something on TV he tends to keep himself occupied.  He measures his success of calming down by whether or not he gets bored.  Getting bored, for him, is a victory in accomplishing so much that he has nothing left to do.
  • Cheese Popcorn is the greatest food on God's green earth : My Dad's ambrosia is Cheese Popcorn.  He travels for work every week and in every state he visits he knows the best place to get a bag of Cheese Popcorn.  When he travels, he makes sure there is enough room in his suitcase for a bag or two of Cheese Popcorn to take home.
  • There is a right way to load a dishwasher : My Dad has a system.  You must set up the bottom dishes so that top dishes also get clean.  For years I studied under this tutelage, however now I have a dishwasher with jets under the bottom and top rack, so...
  • Never stop just short of the finish line : Now I know this sounds like a piece of advice to persevere, push through against all odds.  But in actuality it a tool my father uses to up sell purchases.  "Look, you are already going to spend 550 dollars on a TV, but if just spend 625 you will get the TV you really want, don't stop short of the finish line."  Now let me be clear, he does not use this to sell things, he uses this to justify why he spend more money than he intended.  (This piece of advice goes so much deeper than I can get into here, I think I am going to have to do a separate post on this one.
  • Tuna Fish Casserole is always better the second day :  My Dad loves casseroles.  He is also a firm believer that it needs to "settle" overnight to reach it's true potential.  He also feels the same way about Cheetos, they need to breathe a little before enjoying them.

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  1. Marianne says:

    I really can't comment on the drills we rec'd as children on how to properly load the dishwasher. I need a drink....

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