Advice From My Old Man Part 1

For us men, as we are growing up our first hero is usually our father.  Also we learn about being a husband from how our fathers behave.  Now that I am grown up, my father is still my hero.  He is truly a great man and if I am ever half the man he is, I will count myself lucky.

I got to spend some time with him this evening at a family gathering and we talked about politics, current events and of course our jobs.  On the ride home I was thinking about all the advice he has given me over the years.  Some of it was amazing, some of it was funny, some of it was down right crazy.  As an homage to him I am going to start cataloguing some his advice.

  • Maraschino cherry juice gives you cancer : My Dad is a little bit of a hypochondriac, and often states many things, unproven by scientists to give you cancer.  Also on the list is high fructose corn syrup and bleached flour.  It also bears stating that my father told me maraschino cherry juice causes cancer when I was 8, so lets just say I stopped ordering shirley temples at a young age.
  • Once a  year order new underwear, undershirts, and socks.  Then throw away the old : This is great advice.  Men have a tendency to hold on to things with holes in them when really the only place for them is the trash.  Besides there is no greater feeling than a new undershirt.
  • If you eat raw broccoli everyday you won't get cancer : Are you seeing the cancer theme?
  • Treat everything like a sand trap in golf, leave it better than when you found it : My Dad is a big believer in treating things well.  His car is always clean, he picks up after himself, and generally always leaves a place better than when he found it.
  • Jesus wasn't a push over : My Dad is a faithful man, but he is often one to point out that Jesus called people out when they did something wrong and so does he.  Do not cut in line in front of my Dad.  Seriously he will call you out.  My Dad is 6'7" and can be rather imposing.  I have never seen him raise a hand to anyone, but if you are trying to do something wrong he is going to let you know.
  • Be GENEROUS : This was never something my Dad told me, but instead it was something he showed me growing up.  My Dad loves giving people gifts.  He has done well for himself financially and he loves to share what he has.  Growing up whenever Dad would get a bonus at work, everyone in the family got some of it.  One year when I was about 12 my Dad got a good bonus and he gave me a 100 dollar bill.  To a 12 year old that was the most money I had ever seen.  He took me to Toys R Us and I bought a Laser Tag set and a huge Lego set.  My Dad also gives a lot to charity and church.  I truly believe my Dad is financially successfully because he gives so much of it away.
  • Enjoy Everything! : My Dad is a little like Rob Lowe's character on Parks and Recreation.  Almost every meal is the BEST meal he has ever had.  Almost every movie is the BEST movie he  has ever seen.  He truly enjoys almost everything and because of his positive energy you can't help but enjoy it too.  Besides enjoying things helps decrease your chance for cancer.
I love my Dad.  I think I am truly lucky to have someone like him to guide me in my life as I grow up.  This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advice I have gotten from him over the years and look forward to sharing more tidbits of wisdom.


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  1. Marianne says:

    What a wonderful tribute - you and your dad are both very lucky!

    Thank you Marianne!

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