A Little More Personal : My Favorite Video Game

So I wanted to share something that is near and dear to me.  It is a computer game that I have been playing for over a year now.  It is called Minecraft and it is an indie game created by a guy named Notch in Sweden.

Rather than writing about it, I decided to do a screen capture while I talk and play a little bit of the game.  This is definitely a departure from what I usually post and if you are not into video games this post might not be for you.  However if you want to hear my voice talking(what else would my voice do?) while play a computer game then this is the post for you!!

I have never done a commentary during game play before so it is a bit rough and I do say "uhhhh" and "uuuummmmm" way too many times, and I end the video with the most high pitched "ya'll" I have ever said in my life, but oh well.


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