A Husband's Guide to : Wife Gifts

Okay look, I am a Gun Guy.  I love firearms in all forms.  At this point I own 24 guns and my wife has spent much of her own time to learn about my hobby.  Although I will say she is a better shot than me, most women are naturally good shots, I swear.  She took the time to learn about what I enjoy which means she has bought me some awesome gifts.  This also means that I had to buy her some awesome gifts as well.  Let’s be honest, a girl in sporting goods store, or a men’s clothing store is a social norm.  But a dude in a Victoria’s Secret… alone, just somehow feels wrong.  How about a dude in a women’s shoe store…  AHHHHHHHH!  If you want to buy the perfect gift you have to follow the R.G.A.

Husblog Definition Pause – R.G.A. (Research, Go, Ask)

  • Research : You need to know sizes.  I will be honest with you, Girl sizes don’t make sense to me. So if you want to buy shoes or clothes you need to look in her closet.  Check the shoe sizes of shoes SHE WEARS OFTEN.  Check the size of the clothes SHE WEARS OFTEN.  If you are buying jewelry take a ring she wears often to a jewelry store to get sized so that you can get the right size(IF you are buying a ring…bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are easier).
  • Go : You have to go to a store, sorry dudes, online shopping is a more advanced maneuver.  You need to see what is out there before you can search for it online.  You are going to feel a bit strange walking into a “typically female only” store, but don’t worry a sales clerk is going to take pity on you, and help.
  • Ask : You should ask for help.  Most store clerks will be more than happy to help out a poor lost man in a shoe store.  Just remember to be honest and don’t try to pretend you know what they are talking about if you don’t..ask.  Because really, do you know what an A-Line Hem is?  I think not.
Now that should cover the basics.  Remember that the key to gift giving is give the person what you think (or know) they want.  It is okay to give a small gift that is something you want them to have but also make sure the big gift is something they WANT.  I remember one Christmas I got my Wife a Brahmin Purse (something she wanted), but I also got her a pair of speed loaders for her revolver (practical and fun, might I add.)   Well wouldn’t you know it she uses that purse all the time and still tells me how much she loves it…  The speed loaders, not so much, but if the Zombie revolution comes she will be happy she has them dang it!

Now let us move on to the Advanced Course.  There are a couple of things you should know when it comes to giving flowers:
  • The point of the flowers is not for her to appreciate them.  The point of flowers is so that her friends and co-workers can see that she has a good husband and thus become envious of her.  So have them delivered to her work place.  It is a way better surprise than at home.
  • Don’t go cheap.  You are going to expense of have something delivered make sure it is worth delivering.  Three little roses in a small vase say only one thing “My Husband is Cheap”
  • Know what her favorite flower is.  Not all women love roses, some like Orchids, Lilies, or even Daisies.  So know what she likes and I am sure you can find a florist that carries an arrangement with them in it.
But if you want to earn a Ph.D in gift giving follow the style of a good friend of mine.  His opening salvo was flowers delivered to her work.  Then he made reservations at a nice restaurant for the evening. 

Quick Sidebar : If it is a nice night out to celebrate something you should MAKE RESERVATIONS.  If the restaurant you have selected does not take reservations that is a clue that maybe you should not be going there.  Oh and Call Ahead at Chilli’s doesn’t COUNT!

Before dinner he went out and found a really nice piece of Jewelry and made arrangements to have it couriered to the restaurant during their dinner.  So they are having a nice dinner, she is basking in the glow of flowers and BAM!  Someone comes over to the table and says “Mr. FriendofTheHusBlog, this is for you.”  I know what you are thinking, “FriendofTheHusBlog is an odd last name…is it German?”  My friend executed a flawless day by using what he had available to him and getting her things that he knew she wanted.

Gift giving can cause great stress, but if you follow the rules and make sure to get her something that she wants then I promise you will be fine.  Besides the only thing for stressful that shopping for the perfect gift is giving a crappy one.  Put in the time, you’ll be fine.


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