Things Men Didn't Own Before Marriage

I know we all remember the day we got married, the intense feelings, the excitement, being surrounded by loved ones.  And I also know we all remember the Honeymoon, just you and your sweetie on some beach or mountain, spending "quality time."  But now I want you think back to the weeks following the Honeymoon and how when you and your wife combined everything and you found out all the things you didn't know you needed, but your wife did.  So without further ado I give you:

Things Men Didn't Own Before Marriage

  1. Kleenex : Toilet paper served this use well for many years, why change a good thing?
  2. A Top Sheet : Hell, most of us just thought top sheets were just fitted sheets that lost their elasticity.
  3. Vases : Do I even need to comment on that one, why the hell would a single guy have a vase?
  4. Coasters : Put to be fair most of us didn't own any furniture worth protected, and even if we did that is what old copies of Men's Health/Game Informer/PC Magazine/Playboy were for.
  5. Rugs : You will never hear me utter the words, "This rug really brings the room together."  That is, unless I am quoting the Big Lebowski.
  6. "Good China" : Before I was married "good china" what when I didn't use paper plates.

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