A Husband's Guide to : Game Shows

I know what you are thinking, "Okay TheHusBlog, I have been reading you for a little bit and I cannot see how a game show has anything to do with marriage.  I mean come on dude, this is a stretch even for you!"  Well that or, "Can you just refer to yourself as Kyle, how about that name...  Way better than TheHusBlog."  I know it doesn't seem like marriage has a lot to do with game shows, well other than the consolation prizes...(HEY-OOOOOOO!).  I kid, I kid...

This concept occurred to me a couple days ago when I was thinking about all the game shows that have lasted the test of time.  Shows like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud, and The Price is Right have lasted decades, where as prime time TV has been bombarded with here and popular for today, gone tomorrow shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Deal or No Deal, Million Dollar Money Drop, and The Weakest Link.  It got me thinking what makes the classics still have appeal today and what makes all these new "glitzy" (remember, might need to change the word glitzy, 1, not sure it is a real word.  2, sounds a little silly) shows come out and then fade.  Well you know what happens when I get thinking, it means it might be time for a(survey says...)

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : What makes game shows stand the test of time

  • The show is affordable : Seriously, if you think about it we as a society have fallen into this BIGGER and BIGGER mentality and so game shows have followed suit.  Sure watching someone compete for a million bucks may be entertaining for a while, but it takes a lot of ratings to keep a show afloat so the minute the show gets too expensive it is out.  Now think about Ken Jennings on Jeopardy.  He won 3.1 Million but he was on the show for 75 episodes in a row.  That means if I do my math right he won on average 41K per show which is affordable. 
  • The Rules should be easy to follow : If you have to watch the show a few times to get what is going on, then the rules are too complicated or cryptic.  Take Deal or No Deal as an example.  Now it seems a simple premise, but think back to when you first watched it.  "So picking a 1 dollar case after you have selected your case is good because that means that the contestant's case may have a higher amount so that means that when the banker calls he will offer a higher amount because of the probability that the contestant has a high value case is better..."(I know a serious run on sentence, but it was done on purpose)  Wait, What?  Really?  Yeah I know we all love Howie and make jokes about his OCD, but in truth that game show was just a little too much.
  • The show should be good without Drama!  It is a cheap ploy to use commercial breaks to inspire drama and all the prime time game shows have it.  Alex Trebek never asked "I am a blogger who writes about marriage in a light-hearted but observant light."  And the contestant was about to answer "Who is TheHusBlog", when Alex says, "We will have to wait until after these messages"  It doesn't happen on the classics because there is not need for false drama.
  • The show should be about the contestant's skills : No one wants to watch a bunch of no-talent people make money.  It is more fun to watch a show where some sort of skill is involved.  Another time when most new prime time game shows fail.  Paris Hilton makes most people crazy because she is famous for being famous.  No one wants to see someone who is a moron win money that they don't deserve.  Good decision making, common sense, and knowledge should be the hallmarks of an awesome game show's winners.
Now I know what you are thinking, "Okay TheHusBlog I see what you are doing, and I get it, nice parallel, there, I bet you are going to wrap it in a nice little bow now."  Or you are thinking, "Okay you don't like Kyle, how about Steve?"

I will say that I am a Christian so I have a definite faith, however, I also believe that all life is interconnected so one thing can teach us about something else entirely.  That belief is why when I thought about game shows I was able to see how they can teach us so much about marriage.  Okay so I just made a bold, sweeping statement, which means it might be time for...

Another TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Game Show Caveats and Marriage
  • The Marriage Must Be Affordable : If your marriage is based on money then it is more than likely going to fail.  This goes for gifts too.  You should never use money/gifts to get out of trouble, instead gifts should be to show affection and be more meaningful than expensive. 
  • The Marriage Must Not Have Cryptic Rules : Your partner or you should not have to infer what you or they are thinking based on a complex set of situational variables.  Nor should you set expectations falsely like "Let's not do anything for Valentine's Day."  And then one person does do something for Valentine's Day and the other person is left to feel stupid.  Keep the rules clean and easy to follow, it is not only fair, but keeps everyone in control.
  • The Marriage Should Be Good, WITHOUT Drama : Look, I know that passionate fights can lead to some passionate make-ups but that should not be the standard.  Marriage, when done successfully, should feel like a walk on the beach, not a roller coaster.  When we are younger those dizzying highs, and deep lows can make things seem more passionate, but in truth it is just drama and does not equate to a good and balanced relationship.
  • The Marriage Should Be Based on Skills : Don't marry someone because they are hot, or because they are rich.  Either of those things can or will fade with time.  Instead enjoy your relationship based on the conversations, the cute inside jokes, or the familiar views that you both share.  In the lean times, the hard times, money does not comfort, and hotness does not forgive.  However a true, deep connection allows for the resolution of issues.
So there it is, I have drawn a parallel between Marriage and Game Shows, other bloggers might be impressed but for me it is just another Wednesday.  Again, I kid...  I spend a lot of time thinking about my marriage and how I can make it better for not just my spouse but for me as well.  Insight can come in many forms and fashions and you should always talk about your observations/thoughts with your significant other.  Be the person that you want to be, not the person you think you are.  Strive to connect, be compassionate, and never be cumbersome.

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