Terms of Couple Descriptions

After a couple years of being married you and your spouse's thoughts start to sync up.  The first thing we as married couples do (it is mostly subconscious so don't worry if you don't realize you do it) is put our couple friends into categories.  So how many times have you and your spouse said :

They are a...

  • Cute Couple - You're wife is going to say this rather than you.  Mainly because "cute" is not a word that comes out of most men's mouth easily.  "Cute" couples tend to be here today and gone tomorrow, when you refer to a couple as "cute" it means that there is nothing else nice to say.
  • Power Couple - The power couples are the ones where each member has a occupation that demands attention.  Usually when Lawyers, PR Execs, Doctors, CEOs, Artists, etc. get together.  This couple often does amazing things, but because of their schedules they only get to do them rarely.
  • Passionate Couple - Fighting or sex is usually the hallmark of a passionate couple.  It also seems to be the kind way to describe a couple that fights so much you and your spouse are not sure why they are married.
  • Crazy Couple - These are the couples that hanging out with is a detriment to your health.  Often they are the hard partying couple that is hard to keep up with.  Your wife will probably want to steer clear of them most of the time, however when she does want to hang out with them, buckle up because it is going to be a bumpy ride.
  • Drama Couple - I am exhausted just thinking about defining this couple.  We all have at least one, the couple that you feel like just shouldn't be together because they are not only always fighting, but dragging your happy ass into it as well.  Usually your wife sides with her and you side with him and before your know it, their fight becomes your fight...  What the hell is up with that!  I try to stay away from this type of couple because it is just too much.
I know that you can think of a bunch more so leave them in the comment section I would love to read them...


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