Things Men Like

To be subtitled, "I really hope my wife reads this!!!!"

To us men the list I am about to present below seems so freakin' simple.  Men are visual, physical creatures and if our wives did just one of the things listed below we would be in heaven...  This is not to say that men do not appreciate all the little things our wives' do, but, in truth there are just a few simple things, that if done, will have your husband eating out of your hand.

  • Sexy/Slutty Outfits : First of all please understand that we would like these outfits for our eyes only, but if randomly our wife shows up in a sexy outfit, well, let's just say your man will be like putty in your hand ladies.
  • Oral : I really do not want to get too graphic here, but during courtship, certain oral pleasures are abundant, however after marriage, that department seems to get fired if you get my drift.  If that area of marriage comes back, then I think you will find your husband to be VERY HAPPY.
  • Party Wife at Home : Look ladies, when we first got married you would party with us no matter what the venue.  It could be out with friends, or at home with just the two of us.  Now it seems that you will cut loose with your girlfriends when you are out on a "girl's night" with us husbands left at home to only hold your hair back as your are puking.  Remember the days, during courtship when you would get a little tipsy and come after us like the lionesses we know you are... We miss that.
  • Dirty Talk : Wives, before they were wives used to say some of the most dirty things to us men, please let us know what we can do to bring that behavior back, please?
  • Telling Us What You Want : During courtship, it would be easy for you to say what you wanted from us.  Please remember that we will do whatever you want, if you just give us a clue.  This does not have to be sexual, just tell us what you want and we will more than likely do it.
This is by no means an exhaustive list and I would be interested to see if any has anything to add, which is of course what the comments are for...


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