Terms of Compliments

Let me set the stage.  You are waiting patiently for you wife to be done getting ready for your date night.  As you sit on the bed you hear the bathroom door open and your wife walks out in a slinky black dress, high heels, and fabulous make-up, now you have some options as to what comes out of your mouth.

Baby, you look...

  • Hot - To be honest this is a good one in my book, Hot indicates that your wife will turn some heads wherever you go.  Now lets get real for a minute, Hot is more carnal than emotional but come on don't we all need a little bit more carnal in our marriage.
  • Stunning - Okay use this term more than you do now.  I love "stunning" it connotates that your wife looks so good that your are stunned.
  • Beautiful - A classic, works when you want your wife to feel like she is shining like a diamond.
  • Pretty - Okay guys, do not use this.  I hate pretty, not nearly a good enough word for compliments.
  • Sexy - Don't use this one either, it is too played out.  Instead of telling your wife she is sexy, make her feel sexy by touching, teasing, and tempting.
  • Awesome, and I do not mean awesome in "this pizza is awesome."  I mean awesome in this sense : "inspiring or displaying awe." 
I am sure that I have missed some so please do me a favor a put your favorites in the comments, I would love to read them.


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