A Husband's Guide to : Confrontation

Also to be subtitled as "What you can learn from your GPS"

I had to drive my wife's new car to test out her GPS.  It seems being a tech person is required to operate most pieces of new technology.  It makes me wonder if back in the day (which was a Wednesday according to Dane Cook), when the hammer came out were people like "Is this backwards compatible with a Club," or "Why do they have to make these so heavy and hard to use..."

But I digress, the real point of this post is to touch upon the conforntations that we have with our wives and what we can learn about them by studying the GPS systems of today. 

But first I must do a quick TheHusBlog definition break :

TheHusBlog's Fair Rules for Couple Fighting

  • Stick to the topic.  If you are fighting about not picking up your honey's favorite item from the store when shopping without her, it is not fair for her to mention the cute girl you used to work with three years ago that she is sure had a thing for you.  BTW she totally didn't.
  • If a teenager on a WB show does it, you don't.  Let's go with some sub-bullets on this one.
    • Silent treatment, come on really?!
    • Slamming doors, look I know you are angry but slamming doors makes you seem like you cannot control your temper and more importantly makes me want to sing the theme from "Dawson's Creek" to you.
    • Being self destructive to prove your point.  Don't do something wreckless or dumb just because you are upset.  This means don't decide to finish a fifth of Jack Daniels because your wife was rude to you.
  • Take a break if you need to.  You don't have to solve all the problems at one time, if that were true the United Nations would still be in session and probably in sore need of a potty break.
  • Think before you speak.  This is wise lesson we can learn from GPS.  When you make a wrong turn or go off route, GPS doesn't immediately yell at you.  Instead in calm voice it says "Recalculating Route."  If the fight takes a sudden turn and your are lost for words, for heaven's sake do not say the first thing that pops into your head.  Instead just think "Recalculating."  Take a deep breath and respond.
Fights are going to happen in your marriage, hell, sometimes it is going to seem like all you do is fight.  Some wise married people have told me that you have good years and bad years so if you and the wifey seem to be fighting a lot it just might be a bad year.  But those are times that strengthen you as a couple.  Fights allow you to set boundaries, air out grievances, and learn more about each other. 

An arguement can be a positive thing if you manage to not make an ass out of yourself and say something dumb.  Look we all are selfish creatures and tend to see things from a narrow point of view.  Even doing something that you might think is nice, might cause your partner to be enraged so do yourself a favor, fight fair, behonest and above all remember when you take a sudden wrong turn...



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