Terms of Enragement

Ah a fight by any other name would it sound so sweet...  Well that is not the right word, but you get my drift.  How many times have you said :

Last Night We Had A :

  • Tiff : Oh My Gosh, that is so cute, we had a tiff.  "Honey! Honey! we had a tiff, let's snuggle until we aren't mad any more."  This term usually signifies some small argument, like you left the toilet seat up or something.  Pretty much non-events in most 'marrieds' books, but hey if you are newlyweds have at this little annoying term.
  • Lover's Quarrel : Well at least you are still using the term lover, so you must be newlyweds or fiery Italians, and of course the husband must have a mustache.
  • Disagreement : Now we are getting to the good stuff.  A disagreement is at least handled, more than likely without yelling, but definitely more serious than, "I can't believe you ate the last hotpocket!"  (PS I know that no one actually eats hotpockets).
  • Confrontation : These usually mean someone did wrong and the injured party is about to tell them.  Definitely more intense than a Disagreement, well in less you really love Hotpockets...  (why do I keep talking about Hotpockets, must be channeling Jim Gaffigan)
  • Fights : These are the typical events in a marriage where one person feels like they have been done wrong (usually the other member does too.)  These happen in both healthy and unhealthy marriages.  Most of the time a fight, leads to better understanding, a conclusion, and hopefully some make up sex...  Disclaimer "Make up sex more likely if you are not the one who was wrong"
  • Knock Down Drag Outs (The dreaded KDDO) : These are the bad ones, usually centered around either major life decisions, major life events, or your in-laws.  These generally take hours to talk through, sometimes over the course of a few days.  If a fight lasts longer than a day then you are in KDDO territory, my friend.  The up side to these is that usually the make up sex is really good.  The down side is everything else...
So there you go some more terms of...

Do you have one that isn't on the list, add it to the comments would love to read them!


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