A Husband's Guide to : Car Buying

This post to be subtitled as "Hunter or Gatherer"

I recently bought my wife a new car.  Her previous car was 10 years old with over 100K miles to it would be very easy to say "it was time."  The whole experience was interesting to say the least and I feel like I came out of it with some pointers that I just had to share.  Now I know what you are thinking, "TheHusBlog, I have bought my wife a car so I going to file this under TL; DR."  Or you might be thinking, "TheHusBlog, Really?  Still referring to yourself this way, Really?"  In any case you know how I love share the knowledge that I have gleaned from my experiences.  But you know what is about to happen...  Oh Come on you know!

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Tips to make Buy a Car more fun for your Wife

  • Make it about her -  Let's face it, even though we live in 2011, car sales people still talk to the husband.  You can stop that in its tracks by introducing yourself and your wife to the sales person and explaining that the wife is in charge.  I just said something like, "Hey talk to her, it is her car and she is the boss."  If you have a good sales person they are going to pick up the cue and run with it from there. 
  • Take a back seat roll, literally - During the test drive, make sure your butt is in the back seat.  This is for two reasons.  One, you are setting the stage for the sales person to talk to your wife (he/she will be riding shotgun).  Two, you will be testing the back seat comfort of the car.
  • Step in when you the car buying process stops being fun - You are more than likely going to be test driving several different makes and models, so you are going to have the "Not Today, Thank You" talk with several sales people.  This is where things stop being fun, so if you wife wants you to, step in, be the bad guy and get you both on to the next dealership.
  • Take breaks in between test drives to go grab lunch or even just a cup of coffee so you both can talk about the car.  Ask her questions and get her talking so that you can be sure she is getting what she needs out of the experience.  This is also a good time to plan out the next dealership to hit up.
  • DO NOT GO TOO FAST - Let her set the pace.  Remember we men are like hunters by our very nature (bet you were wondering when I would fit that in).  I know that I am a buyer not a shopper. Most the guys I talk to are the same way.  We think in simple fashion, "Need New Car," grunt, grunt, "Buy New Car" grunt.  Be more like a gatherer.  Take your time to look around and find what is right for the wife.  And above all listen to her.
Buying a car is often the first big purchase that a couple makes together, and it could set the tone for the rest of the big purchases in your life together so be sure to make it a positive one.  If the car is for her then make sure she feels like she is in the driver's seat.


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