Terms of Inquiry

You know the term "loaded questions?"  Well when you are married some questions seem more loaded than others.  How many times have you been asked :


  • What the hell were you thinking?  Let's be honest, more often than not when asked this question we husbands want to say, "nothing."  Now, no matter how much that is true don't say that as your answer because the wife will not like it.
  • Are you out of your mind?  Anytime I am asked this by my wife I really want to say yes...  But I bite my tongue.  Although, consider that you have decided to install a ceiling fan by yourself with no electrical knowledge. Now think about wires coming out of the ceiling, the old fan lying on the ground, and fan parts everywhere.  Sure her response to that situation might be to ask "Are you out of your mind?"  Maybe just respond with "Yes I am, out of my mind with loving you."  I am kidding don't answer with that.
  • Sssssssooooooo?  This is a dangerous one.  Remember when you where younger and your parents would act like they knew what you did so you would self incriminate.  Well the elongated "so" falls into this category as well...  Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.
  • Whose Idea was that?  This is a lose - lose question.  If you answer "It was my idea."  Then you are the dumb ass who came up with something stupid.  If you answer "It was TheHusBlog's Idea."  Then you are dumb ass who can easily be persuaded to do something stupid. 
  • Can I ask you a question?  Loaded from the get go.  Make sure you pay attention to tone in which she asks this one because if the tone starts out bad, then you know the "question" she is going to ask is probably not good.
  • Does this (Blank) make my (Blank) look (Blank)?  This question sucks!  I cannot believe people still ask it, but they do.  I think you should just decide now if you are going to lie every time this question is asked, or tell the truth.  I always tell the truth, but hey what do I know.
I know there are tons of other ones so put them in the comments, I would love to read them!


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