With the impending move looming, this post is going to be lacking

You can tell two things from the title of this post:

1.)  My upcoming move is obviously about to be used as some excuse as to why my content isn't better than it will be.
2.)  I have self-esteem issues.

So here is the deal, I am T-minus 20 days away from moving and to be honest I have fallen behind according to my carefully constructed move plan.  I am hoping to recover some lost time this week but to be honest it isn't looking good.  When I was single I could pack up in one day and unpack the next day.  Being married however has slowed me down more so than I anticipated.  With the wife starting her new job and working 60+ hours a week it has been hard to get any time with her to go through things that I have no idea if we should keep or get rid of.  

"Hey TheHusBlog, I guess the move has also caused you to forget all rules of grammar as well.  Ending a sentence with 'of', that's just plan lazy."

Way to kick a man when he is down voice in my head.

"You're the one with self esteem issues, I am a self fulfilling prophecy."

All that being said, I am still really excited about moving.  As a side note Valentine's Day found both my wife and I working late.  Basically we spent about an hour together and then fell immediately too sleep.  And while that might sound like a bad V-Day, it was still nice.  Sometimes when your time is limited it forces you to make the best of it.  

And in an attempt to bring some value to this meandering post I will leave you with an Oscar Wilde quote :

"A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally."
-Oscar Wilde


3 Response to "With the impending move looming, this post is going to be lacking"

  1. Marianne says:

    I throw all the normal rules of grammar and structure out the window for my blog. I think it makes it more fun. If you want complete literary adherence, read Shakespeare. Don't change a thing, Hus.

    Andrea says:

    Box up the "I don't knows" and save them to go through later...don't lt it stall you!

    If the grammar police do show up, please do not give them my address!

    Marianne : I love your blog and have never noticed a single grammar error, probably because I am too busy laughing to notice. I will continue to throw caution to the grammatical winds, as it were...
    Andrea : Excellent advice that I followed tonight, rather than agonizing I just boxed up some paperback books that I will deal with later. And do not fear even if I was water boarded, the grammar police will never get your address...

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