Husband Trials : The Finer Things In Life

I just recently had a birthday and as I am growing older (and noticing more grey hair) I have come to the realization that I like nice things.  I no longer desire cheap stuff.  On one hand this is a blessing, realizing the value of spending more to get something that will last.  On the other hand this is a curse as now I cannot be made happy with a cheap little trinket.

My tastes have turned to high end electronics, nice furniture, and quality clothes.  Maybe this is a rite of passage that all adults go through or maybe I am just a stuck up snob.  But the fact remains, what once made me happy doesn't anymore.

So I am wondering if you all (my readers) feel the same way?  As you get older do you pine for quality over quantity?

Please let me know...


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  1. Marianne says:

    I never though there was that much of a difference between Eddie Bauer and Old Navy. Silly Wabbit. It's all coming together now, and I'm cheap. Eddie Bauer last years. Old Navy lasts until Tuesday. I feel all growed up now. Welcome!

    That made me laugh... I have to admit that I do have two pairs of Old Navy Cargo Pants that have lasted almost 8 years(very rare), but I attribute that to my laundry system. Whites, (shirts, boxers, socks in one load), Hard Pants, and Soft Pants. The Old Navy pants always get washed with soft pants that way the zippers on my jeans(hard pants) cannot attack my poor defenseless cargo pants.

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