A Husband's Guide to : The Small Stuff

Marriage begins with three successive BANGS!  First the proposal, which is an event all to itself.  Second is the wedding which is a huge affair to plan.  Third is the honeymoon.. and you get to bang(I know it is a pretty cheap joke).

The point is that the beginning of a marriage is full of these huge, wonderful things and then all of a sudden the big things stop and the small things begin.  During courtship we all make bold sweeping statements when caught up in the moment.  Usually they are promises to always or never do something.
- "I will never go the bed angry with you"
- "I will always kiss you hello and good-bye"
- "I will always take out the trash"
- "I will never let you down"

If you have made any of the promises above then you are a liar.  No one can promise an "always" or a "never" marriage and life for that matter is all about taking the time to do the little things.  Think about your spouse for a couple minutes each day and decide to do something nice for them.

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Small Stuff Ideas

  • Chores : Look, you know what your "jobs" are around the house, be it taking out the trash, or emptying the dishwasher try to do them without being asked.
  • Share Time : When your wife enters a room, turn off the tv and give her your undivided attention.  Listen to her talk about her day and tell her about yours.
  • Ask If You Can Help : A simple "is there anything you need me to do?" can go a long way to helping bring some peace into your household.
Nothing I have written here is rocket science, just some simple things you can do to help out your spouse.  Don't worry about the "always" and the "never" instead worry about the small things that make life so much more enjoyable...


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