I am amused

Hello there everyone, just a quick announcement.  My post A Husband's Guide to : Bleaching Your Asshole is now my most read post.. by a lot.  This means two things.

1.)  I need to be careful as to what I name posts because of web searches that turn up TheHusBlog.
2.)  I am completely amused.

This means that there are people actually searching "How to Bleach your asshole" and my post is coming up and they are clicking on it.  Certainly, there are loyal readers enjoying my posts as they are meant to be enjoyed.  However there is also a population of people searching for the aforementioned topic and finding themselves here.  Oh how I wish I could jump through their computers and yell "Surprise!" when they realize where they have ended up...  Hopefully though, they don't have a bottle of bleach in their hands at the time.

Be on the look out for some of my new posts :

  • A Husband's Guide to : 2012 GOP Candidates
  • A Husband's Guide to : Lowing my Home Equity Loan
  • A Husband's Guide to : Nude Pictures of Taylor Swift
  • A Husband's Guide to : Occupy Wall Street
 Ok, I am certainly not going to do any of the above posts...  Well maybe the last one.

Just wanted to share.


Yes I know I didn't post this one time, turns out I did not schedule this one.

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