A Husband's Guide to : Bleaching Your Asshole

Before I get started let me first say that if you found this post searching for "How to bleach my asshole" you are probably not going to find what you are looking for, but seriously keep reading you might enjoy it.

"Okay TheHusBlog, WTF!, asshole bleaching, really?!  I know you have a history of starting off on some weird tangent and then bringing it all together, but it is getting harder and harder to check your blog at work!  And what the hell is your real name... seriously!"

I know, I know...  Trust me I am an amateur(could not say professional here because, let's face it, nothing about what I write about is professional).

But I digress...  Bleaching one's poop shoot (better or worse than asshole?) is a relatively new thing which is basically what is sounds like.  The basic goal is to try to make your log layer (better or worse than poop shoot?) look as pristine as the day you were born.  I have no idea why one would desire their Hersey Highway (better or worse than log layer?) to look that way...  But after some thought, and a few drinks I could only think of a couple reasons :

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Reasons to get your Exit only hole (better or worse than Hersey Highway?) bleached

  • You have a mad crush on your proctologyst(sp), proctalogyst(sp), procteligist(sp)...Butt Doctor (I really could have looked up how to spell that properly, but this seemed funnier) and want to show off.
  • You signed up for the DVD/Blu-Ray package for your colonoscopy and want to show it to the grand kids one day.
  • You had some extra bleach laying around and thought, "now where can I put that?"
  • What if I am in a horrible accident tomorrow and the paramedics see my unsightly tunnel of crud (better or worse than exit only hole?).
  • You are only concerned with parts of your body you cannot see without  strategic use multiple mirrors.
By this point I hope you realize I am making fun of the whole asshole bleaching thing.  I see asshole bleaching as something stupid.  Why in the world would anyone focus on trying to change something that only the most intense of scrutiny would pick up on?  But the truth is we do it all the time.  We are own worst enemies.  We focus on one part of our bodies, or personalities and then spend countless amounts of hours or money trying to correct it.  And in doing so we miss the point entirely.  We judge ourselves too harshly, and rather than seeing the 99% of us that is good, we focus on the 1% that is bad.  And if my metaphor has hit home, you are starting to realize that that (that squared, consider your mind blown) 1% deserves no attention at all.

Instead of focusing on the part of you that you don't like, cultivate those things that you do like.  You will not only have more fun, but I am sure you will see better benefits in the short and long run.  Life and Marriage is about being the best partner you can be to those you love.  Another thing to think about is, "what if that one quirk or body part that you are so concerned so much about, is something that your partner finds endearing?"  We often hide the parts of ourselves that our partners find the most enjoyment from...  And let's be honest if you have loved one's in your life that only focus on the bad things you do or say then they shouldn't be loved ones should they?

(dramatic pause for previous rhetorical question)


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