Things That You Think You Should Do As A Couple...But Shouldn't

I was thinking other day about all the things my wife and I are going to get to do when she done with her graduate program.  But you know how my mind works, suddenly I was meandering down a thought process of what are the things that sound like fun but would actually be wrought(seriously excited I got to use that word) with drama...

  • Cook Together : I know there are some couples that flow through the kitchen together as if they are dancing an elaborate tango, but to be honest most of us aren't going to be that good.  What you can hope for instead is one person cooking and the other helping with little chores like chopping veggies or doing the dishes afterwards...  
  • Play Matchmaker Together : Seriously, do I even need to go here.  I know once you become a couple you want other couple friends and sometimes you get the idea that you each have a friend that would be perfect for the other's friend but this crap can and will always back fire.  Leave the match-making to the professionals, and that lady who has a reality tv show... Or Oprah.
  • Do It Yourself : Home Improvement is 2nd only to extramarital affairs when it comes to causes of divorce.  (The stat referenced before has no basis in truth other than my own opinion).   I know there are couples out there that live on dreams and poop rainbows, but here in reality DIY jobs are hard and everything from putting up a fence to painting a room can become a land mine of conflict.  Instead decide that one of you two will be the person executing the task while the other can give input or help out a little.  
These are just a few that I have come up with in my research.  I am sure there are others so please share them in the comments...


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