Happy Seven Months To Me!

Hi Everyone,

  I was just going through old posts and I realized my first post was on 1-26-11 which means I have been at this blog for over 7 months now!  I started this project as a chance to share my thoughts, research, and opinions on marriage.  I really wanted this site to be funny first and informative second and I think I have at least achieved my first goal.

  I wanted to thank you, the reader.  It means a lot to me to think that out in cyberspace there are other people reading what I have to say(type?).  I do not have a massive following but I do have readers from around the world which is a little bit humbling...  Not to mention the fine Nigerian fellows whom I am sheltering some money for.  So thank you for reading, I do hope that you will come back and read more each and every Wednesday and Saturday as I have a pretty good track record of staying on schedule if I do say so myself.

  And for a shameless plug you can feel free to follow me on twitter(@thehusblog), but I will warn you, my tweets are not really all about marriage, in fact most of them are random thoughts that strike me in the moment and to be honest most of them involve swearing or bad grammar...

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart (TYFTBOMH to my texting friends),


ps : I know I keep this blog separate from my "real" identity so I feel in my thank you I should give a little bit of details about myself that I am sure you will not care about...

TheHusBlog Definition Pause (yeah I just did that!) : Little Known Facts About TheHusBlog

  • I work in Technology, specifically databases
  • I live in Texas
  • I am a HUGE fan of the game Minecraft
  • I love Sci-fi
  • I quit smoking over 2 years ago using Electronic Cigarettes (that is going to have to a huge post for another day)
  • My first name begins with the letter...  Wait, I have got to keep some mystery! 

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