Quick Hit : Sex Three Times A Week!

Okay first I need you to read this : Click Here-ish.  Don't worry I will wait.

Need to figure out how to insert the Final Jeopardy music here...

This article, from the Times of India (yes, the India that created the Kamasutra, you know the people who invented interesting sex) basically suggests two major things:

  1. You should have sex three times a week to increase fitness and burn calories.
  2. If you are working out, jogging, walking, etc, that makes sex better.
I know what men think when they read an article like this one : "Hell ya, just another reason why we should do it more often!"  

As a man and husband I read all kinds of literature on Sex in marriage and every single article I have read points to the concept of married people who have sex more often are : happier, healthier, get into less fights, have higher self esteem, and resolve conflict quicker...

Why the F@#& aren't we married people having more sex?

Because along with reading articles about sex's benefits I also read articles about how sex is decreasing in American couples because of : Work stress, children, decreased attention span, conflicting schedules, and my personal favorite...lack of sleep.

I get so angry at the cycle that my wife and I have created...  We are both working hard towards a plan, but when it comes to sex we let so many things get in the way...  We have to break the cycle.  Men are just as guilty as women in the lack of sex in the marriage.  Maybe we try less, maybe we are tired, maybe we don't care of ourselves like we did when we were dating.  Whatever the reason sex must become a priority again.  

I am proposing a new rule, let's call it "TheHusBlog Sex Rule" it consists of a couple points.
  1. If you want to get some you have to act like you want some.  That means foreplay fellas!  Maybe it is a forgotten art, but you better dust off the manual and remember the things you did at the beginning.
  2. Schedule it if you have to!  We are trained to think that if it does not happen organically then we must let go if it...  HOGWASH (always wanted to say that).  If you are busy and a slave to your calendar then make it work for you there is no shame in penciling in some nookie-time.  
  3. Change your behavior, don't comment on hers.  Take control of yourself, nothing kills the mood faster than making sex an obligation.  Sweet talk, kiss, cuddle, do whatever it takes to make the situation to her liking.
My dream for this post is that husbands and wives everywhere get some!


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