Man vs. Wife - Conflicting Ideas Part 1

So I was thinking the other day about the differences between my wife and I.  These thoughts naturally made me laugh as I was thinking about the different ideas and ideals we have about life in general.  So naturally I thought I should write this down...

Reality TV Show

  • Man : Husbands switch out their wives for one week with a bikini model
  • Woman : Wives switch out their husbands for a handyman
Dream Vacation
  • Man : Tropical Island where wife wears bikini all day and gets drunk...  Room is very close to bar so that it is a quick couple of steps to privacy for getting some
  • Woman : Same tropical island only it has a full service spa where she can get massages all day while the husband goes off and talks with other husbands until she is ready for him to take her to dinner
Movie Ending
  • Man : Everything blows up, actress runs in slow motion from explosions
  • Woman : Something with a complex plot, characters she can identify with and one of the following : Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, or Hot Shirtless Foreign Guy with accent
Best Time For Sex
  • Man : Now?
  • Woman : When she is well rested, feels beautiful, and has had a wonderful night out
Great Date Night
  • Man : Gets Lucky
  • Woman : Has a wonderful romantic dinner, stimulating (intellectually) conversation, and falls asleep cuddling together
Now before you get all mad saying I am stereotyping...  Take a second and laugh at all the little differences between you and your spouse.  Sure, the examples above are exaggerations, but when you get down to it, we all like different things, but great relationships capitalize on those rare situations when both of your expectations are met.


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